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The Alternative Cleaner Burning Fuel
BioHeat is a clean burning alternative fuel blend made from refined soybean oil and low sulfur heating oil. The refined soybean oil portion of the blend is biodegradable, nontoxic, odorless and essentially free of sulfur and aromatics.
A mixture of 20% refined soybean oil and 80% low sulfur heating oil produces a fuel, BioHeat, which can be used in any home heating system. It is cleaner burning, resulting in a substantial reduction of unburned hydrocarbons.
The refined soybean oil is domestically produced from renewable resources, which reduces our dependency on foreign oil imports. This is most important in a time when OPEC is controlling the flow of incremental barrels of crude oil. The results of their policies can be seen in the volatility of energy prices the last two years. As the Middle East continues in a state of turmoil, it makes it more imperative for the U.S. to move towards a more self-sufficient energy policy. Although BioHeat is not the complete answer, it is a step in that direction.
BioHeat Helps Mitigate Global Warming
A 1998 study by the US Department of Energy and the US Department of Agriculture concluded that biofuels reduce the net carbon dioxide emissions by 78 percent compared to regular petroleum fuels. This greatly reduces the build up of greenhouse gases. Scientific research confirms that biofuel exhaust is less harmful to human health than straight petroleum fuel. All tests conclude that all biofuels, including BioHeat, have far less impact on the environment than regular petroleum products. The result is a cleaner burning product that aids in the fight against Global Warming.
BioHeat Can Reduce Burner Maintenance
With its cleaner burning properties, BioHeat produces less soot and residue in the heating system. This reduces wear and tear on the burner, making the average annual tune up less costly. Parts such as nozzles and filters will require less frequent replacement due to a cleaner burning system.
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